Fort Myers Beach Masonic Lodge

17671 Pine Ridge Road

Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931

Reverend RC, Pastor

Gail Fleeman, Minister of Worship and Music


Dr. Bruce N. Merton, Pastor Emeritus




A member of the

International Council of Community Churches

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Serve the Lord with gladness in church, the community, and the world.

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Believe that God through Jesus believes in you and loves you with an everlasting love.

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Connect with others in the church family through fellowship. Share care and support.

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Welcome to Peace Community Church.


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What kind of church is Peace Community Church?


We are  a non-denominational community church focused on learning and living the lifestyle of Jesus in a loving way. Click HERE to learn more.


What am I supposed to wear?

Dress is casual. It’s Florida! Just dress in comfortable attire that’s appropriate for public activities. We often see people in our worship services wearing walking shorts or blue jeans.


What happens when I arrive?

If you arrive before the service begins, someone should greet you and hand you a printed worship bulletin. If you arrive after the service begins you should find printed bulletins on the desks, just inside the door.

We hope you will write you name and address on our visitor’s register as you arrive.   Don’t worry! We will introduce your at the beginning of the service but we will not ask you to stand. Just wave at the rest of us. If you are visiting from another state, there may be someone in the congregation who is also from that state and they will want to seek you out after the service and say hello.

As you come into our worship area you will see shelves just outside the door with our hymnals and Bibles.  We encourage to take one of each. They will be used during the worship service.


What happens during the worship service?


We start at 10:10AM with Countdown to Worship at 10:10 am, followed by our announcements.  Countdown to Worship is a mix of contemporary worship music combined with some “golden oldies”. Hand clapping is allowed!)


We continue after the announcements, usually with an opening prayer, then sing more traditional hymns. Of course there will be several hymns/praise songs, prayers, readings from the Bible and a sermon. There is a printed worship bulletin at this service as well.

An important feature of the worship services is Communion. At Peace Community Church we celebrate Communion every week and we believe that everyone and anyone may receive the elements.You will be welcomed regardless of your faith tradition and even if you have no faith tradition.

At the 8 AM service people are asked to come forward to the front of the worship area and receive the elements. At the 10:30 AM service, servers will bring the elements to you as you remain seated. During the summer months though, we will ask you to come forward to the front of the worship area and receive the elements.


We end the 8 AM service with a song as our united benediction.

We end the 10 AM service with the congregation greeting one another with the Peace of God. Following that we form a circle around the perimeter of the worship area and sing the hymn LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH. (We hold hands as we sing but it’s not mandatory.)


We usually have refreshments, including coffee, in our dining area following each service. Please stay and meet us.


We hope you feel welcomed and wanted when you come to worship with us. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit with us more meaningful.