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Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931

Reverend RC, Pastor

Gail Fleeman, Minister of Worship and Music


Dr. Bruce N. Merton, Pastor Emeritus




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International Council of Community Churches

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2016 - 2017

MINISTRY 1-5-2:  



Alan Byerly Memorial Project for the Harry Chapin Food Bank


The goal of this mission project is to receive the equivalent of 152 lbs. of food – actual food or cash donations – for one year from our church family. The food and monetary donations will be given to the Harry Chapin Food Bank in memory of Alan Byerly, who died this past February. He volunteered countless hours at the food bank.

Note: A $1.00 cash donation to the Harry Chapin Food Bank buys 6 lbs. of food. Thus, approximately $25.30 in cash donations each week would allow us to reach our goal.


As of Sunday, January 22, we had given $3,791.90 in cash contributions plus 182 lbs. of donated food – that’s the equivalent of 22,933.4 lbs. – or more than 11 tons of food. (A $1.00 cash donation to the Harry Chapin Food Bank buys 6 lbs. of food.)  


This translates to approximately 64,213.52 meals to-date!


The food will be distributed by Harry Chapin Food Bank to ministries and agencies in our area that operate food pantries and other food programs. The project will helps feed the hungry in our community and enables us to respond faithfully to Jesus’ call to feed the “least of these.”


If anyone reading this online would like to contribute, send an email to and we will send you


The Buzzworthy Benefits of Bees


During the Lenten Season  2016 we partnered with Heifer International to rebuild Honduran beekeeping and honey production, to the benefit of 700 families eager to reclaim their self reliance. Your support gives beekeeping families the opportunity to remain productive and self-sufficient. Our fund raising goal for this project was $1,500 and we exceeded that goal.  


Members of our church volunteer at the Community Cooperative Cafe’ (Soup Kitchen) on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM Feel free to join us. For more information, send an email to


Jeanette Resignolo heads a local mission called the Linus Project. The mission’s task is to make quilts that are then given to the Children's Hospital. One way you can help is by cutting pieces for the quilts. This can be done while you are watching TV at home.



The response to our 2015 ANGEL PROJECT was phenomenal. The children, whose names were on our tree, are going to open gifts of “love an joy”on Christmas morning. Thanks go to all the members of our church family who participated.


During the month of November, we collected funds to purchase Thanksgiving meals for at least two families that were struggling financially. We raised enough money to provide meals for seven (7) families! Several members of our congregation went shopping for turkeys and all of the “fixings” that go into a Thanksgiving meal. We were also able to provide breakfast foods and other items to last beyond Thanksgiving Day.


During the months of September and October 2015, collected SOCKS for the homeless. All sizes, New, or Gently Used, Laundered and in Good Condition. These were distributed through Community Cooperative Ministries.


During July and August we collected Dawn dishwashing Liquid, vinegar (Gallon size white or cider), and large containers of table salt.  These ingredients will be used for weed control in Community Cooperative’s garden where they are growing their own vegetables. They report that the mixture is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and effective against weeds.


   Also during August, we collected funds to purchase School Supplies for a couple of area schools and for children known to our church family.


  We continued to support the mission activities of COMMUNITY COOPERATIVE during the months of February, March, April, May and June with food collections, money and volunteers.


  During the month of January volunteers from the church worked on Wednesdays from 10 AM - 2 PM at the Community Cooperative site on Martin Luther King Drive.  We also collected TUNA for Community Cooperative’s food panty.




In December, we collected brand new toys and food for two families that we adopted through The Salvation Army.


In November we collected coats and blankets for the homeless. These were distribution by Community Cooperative Ministries.


In October we collected, C, PB and J for the Community Cafe’. That’s CEREAL, PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY. We encouraged financial gifts for this purpose however, because the Community Cafe’ can purchase much more food through the Harry Chapin Food Bank that we can purchase for the same amount of money at a grocery store. For instance, $2 spent at Harry Chapin can buy peanut butter, jelly and cereal.


In August, instead of collecting school supplies, we raised funds to purchase 110 pairs of new sneakers for needy children as the return to school. The shoes were turned over to The Salvation Army for distribution and many of the children sent thank you notes to the church.


Our congregational project for June and July was to raise funds to STOP Human Trafficking in our community.  


We raised $292.00 for the Gabriel House during the month of May. The Gabriel House is a ministry to disabled children. Some of you have said, "Let’s help with missions at home." This was an opportunity to do that.


In March and April collected items requested by the Children’s Advocacy Center


During the month of January and February we collected food items for Nations Association Charities.