Fort Myers Beach Masonic Lodge

17671 Pine Ridge Road

Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931

Dr. Bruce N. Merton, Pastor


Reverends RC and Gail Fleeman,

Worship and Music Directors


A member of the

International Council of Community Churches

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As a Church family, we are actively involved with significant donations of time, talent and treasure when we are aware of needs in our community.  


We operate the “Helping Hand Fund of Southwest Florida.”  This fund provides emergency assistance to meet a wide variety of needs that are created by loss of income, medical conditions, or catastrophic loss.  The fund has provided everything from expenses for eye surgery and electric wheelchair repair to the meeting everyday needs such as food, utilities, and rental assistance.  Additional information regarding available assistance for a specific need can be obtained by calling (239) 267-7400.


Though we are a small, we distributed over $50,000 worth of food, cleaning supplies, and emergency aid when Hurricane Charlie struck our area.  More recently, we held a concert and chili cook-off to benefit earthquake relief in Haiti.  Our efforts allowed us to supply over $9,000 in cash, medical, cleaning and hygiene supplies.  This was combined with a large amount of clothing.  We wisely used the transport services of the Naples based “Hope for Haiti” to get the items to the point of need.



   School Supplies and Uniforms are provided to several teachers each year. These supplies and uniforms are distributed by the teachers to students that are in need. During the school year teachers can bring additional needs to our attention and we do our best to help.  (i.e. We have provided “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” for several families in need.)


  The Linus Project is a national program that we participate in on a local level. Participants make, in the comfort of their own home and on their time schedule, blankets and lap robes for small children and the elderly.  These are distributed as needed by the area coordinator of the Linus Project.


 Hygiene Supplies for the Homeless is an ongoing mission project.  Throughout the year we collect soaps, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, tooth brushes, razors, shave cream and other hygiene supplies.  These are packaged and shared with service groups in our community that, in turn, distribute them to people in need.  Many of our supplies come from toiletries that are received while staying in hotels and motels.


 The Peacemaker Award is given on a periodic basis.  It is given to an individual that has done significant, “Christ-like” work and service in our community that has resulted in bringing a new or renewed sense of peace, harmony and/or well being to others.  The recipient is given a plaque and a $500 contribution is made in her or his honor to the charity of their choice.  People can be nominated by the public and they do not need to be “Christian” to win the award.  For more information, please call (239) 267-7400.




      CLICK HERE to learn about our support

for other local and global mission organizations




We  continue to support the mission activities of COMMUNITY COOPERATIVE during the month of March.  Four people are needed each Wednesday form 9:00 am until 12:00 noon.  Volunteers are also needed to pack food for Meals on Wheels on Wednesday mornings from 6:30 - 8:30 am or 7:30 - 11:00 am.  

Donations of the following items will also be greatly appreciated: eggplant, black-eyed pea and okra seeds, garden and potting soil, mulch,  Miracle Grow, gloves, lemon and orange trees, flowers and garden chimes.

 If you prefer to make a monetary donation to be used to purchase items listed above, please note “Community Coop” on your check on on the envelope you use for your gift.

 We provided volunteers on February 11 and 18. Volunteers are still needed for Wednesday, February 25th


 During the month of January volunteers from the church worked on Wednesdays from 10 AM - 2 PM at the Community Cooperative site on Martin Luther King Drive.  We also collected TUNA for Community Cooperative’s food panty.


In December, we collected brand new toys and food for two families that we adopted through The Salvation Army.


In November we collected coats and blankets for the homeless. These were distribution by Community Cooperative Ministries.


In October we collected, C, PB and J for the Community Cafe’. That’s CEREAL, PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY. We encouraged financial gifts for this purpose however, because the Community Cafe’ can purchase much more food through the Harry Chapin Food Bank that we can purchase for the same amount of money at a grocery store. For instance, $2 spent at Harry Chapin can buy peanut butter, jelly and cereal.


In August, instead of collecting school supplies, we raised funds to purchase 110 pairs of new sneakers for needy children as the return to school. The shoes were turned over to The Salvation Army for distribution and many of the children sent thank you notes to the church.


Our congregational project for June and July was to raise funds to STOP Human Trafficking in our community.  


We raised $292.00 for the Gabriel House during the month of May. The Gabriel House is a ministry to disabled children. Some of you have said, "Let’s help with missions at home." This was an opportunity to do that.


In March and April collected items requested by the Children’s Advocacy Center


During the month of January and February we collected food items for Nations Association Charities.


Jeanette Resignolo heads a local mission called the Linus Project. The mission’s task is to make quilts that are then given to the Children's Hospital. One way you can help is by cutting pieces for the quilts. This can be done while you are watching TV at home.





During the month of December 2013 we collected toys for children ages 11-13. The toys were given to The Salvation Army for distribution. We also collected items needed by The Salvation Army Women's Shelter.


During the months of October and November 2013 we collected funds for “SMILE TRAIN”, a ministry that provides surgery for children with cleft palates.  Our goal was $500 but we raised four times that amount ...$2000.  That amount will provide surgery for two children and bring them hope for a normal life.  Cleft palates are a major problem in developing countries where more than one million children are suffering.  Most can’t eat or speak properly and often are not allowed to attend school or hold a job. In some cultures these children are seen as being “cursed by God.” The “SMILE TRAIN” is changing young lives for the better. To learn more about the SMILE TRAIN, go to their web site ...