Fort Myers Beach Masonic Lodge

17671 Pine Ridge Road

Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931

Reverend RC, Pastor

Gail Fleeman, Minister of Worship and Music


Dr. Bruce N. Merton, Pastor Emeritus




A member of the

International Council of Community Churches

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We do not believe that we have to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to mission and service in our community.  This means that we encourage our church family members to become personally involved in one or more ministries and services that already exist in the community.  We have found that ministries and services that exist in our community are always in need of volunteers.  Encouraging church family members to “plug in” to existing mission and service groups fulfill group needs and our Christian call and responsibility.  In addition, we do not expend resources developing “our own mission” which can be great for “our own recognition” while becoming an unneeded and redundant offering in the community.


We support the following local mission/service organizations with resources that include a ministry of prayer combined with gifts of our time, talent and/ or treasure:




We support the following global mission/service organizations with resources that include a ministry of prayer and the sharing of time, talent and/or treasure:


International Heifer Project uses resources that we forward for the purchase of rabbits, chickens, ducks, cattle, oxen, llamas and other livestock.  These animals are distributed to various locations around the world to aid people in the production of sustainable sources of agriculture, fabric material and meat.


ECHO (Ecumenical Concerns for Hunger Organization) is based in Fort Myers. The organization is recognized world wide as a provider of seeds, plants and technical advice that allows people in areas of difficult environment, poor accessibility and poverty to develop sustainable ways to feed their community with plant products that are highly nutritious and plentifully grown in their environment.


The International Council of Community Churches is a nationally and internationally recognized non-denominational organization which seeks to bring a widely divergent body of churches and ministry centers together for the purpose of “being one” in our witness to the mission and ministry of Jesus, the Christ.  Our church is a member of this organization.


The World Council of Churches is supported because it provides a global forum for the church of Jesus Christ to share in meeting the needs of people around the world within an ecumenical context.  It also provides a place for continuing dialogue, discovery and worship among widely divergent expressions of the Christian faith.


The National Council of Churches receives our support because it does in the United States what the World Council of Churches does beyond our borders. Through the International Council of Community Churches we participate in an  initiative called “Churches Uniting in Christ.”


For Haiti with Love is based in Palm Harbor, Florida and it has had a long term relationship with the people of Haiti.  It seeks to bring medical, clothing, food and educational assistance to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  It also operates a medical and burn clinic in Cape Hatien.


Mission India, based in Michigan, offers literacy training, church planting, ministerial education and community development in various locations throughout India.  Its literacy programs bring hope and promise of a better life, especially to women.  Our pastor has visited several locations of this ministry and participated in its work,




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